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October 1, 2008
VF IT Services blocks over 9 million spam

VF IT Services accounced today that it's VFEmail.net Email Service Provider has blocked over 9 million pieces of spam from being delivered to Inboxes around the world during the month of September.  Using a new approach to spam fighting, VFEmail.net is hoping to have made a significant impact on the amount of spam delivered around the world.  "I'm anxious to see the numbers from MessageLabs" said Rick Romero, President of VF IT Services.  "MessageLabs has a good feel for the state of spam and viruses sent via email, and publishes current and past rates".  MessageLabs does not yet have numbers published for the month of September, but based on their current daily numbers (49.48% average 69.31% peak), and August's totals (78.2%), Mr. Romero is confident VFEmail's new approach to spam fighting is having a positive effect.

VF IT Services operates multiple free email providers in an attempt to lure spammers into using them. These are typically referred to as 'HoneyPots', but unlike a normal HoneyPot these services also have legitimate users.  Once a spammer is detected through VFEmail's multi-tier server system, their accounts are reconfigured to no longer send email - without alerting the spammer.  In this way, a spammer will finish sending to their list of addresses, but no email will ever be received by those recipients.

About VF IT Services, LLC: VF IT Services is the LLC that operates VFEmail.net. The Company also provides systems and network consulting, network security services, and an online vulnerability scanner. VF IT can be contacted at 888-483-8101